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Leadtek customer service :)


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Hey guys I just got an email that made my day :)

I had sent off to Leadtek customer support because somehow the remote for my Winfast TV card has become lost (and without it you cannot operate many of the functions for the more advanced uses)....

So I was asking if I could buy the remote alone - and their reply knocked me out - they simply said they would MAIL ME ONE FOR FREE is they had my address! :) :) :)

So I have sent my address, of course :) :D :cool:

Anyone else got any nice customer service stories to tell? Would like to know the good guys out there - it helps to inform future purchase decisions....


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no such thing over here, they fix ur shizneckk (which makes it even worse than it was in the first place) and try to charge u again!
Yeah Leadtek are great, I'd phoned them up in good ole netherlands about my gf4 fan sqeualing and driving me insane - they told me to take it off and mail it to them and they'd do the rest.

2 weeks later postman knocks on the door with a whole new HSF assemble thats been great since :D

Leadtek is an awesome company for aftersales :D

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cyberpowersystems is another good company.

I have two cyberpower battery backups and after 2 1/2 years one stoped working on my main system after an e mail to cyberpower support they sent me two new batteries overnight to try out. The new batteries worked for 3 weeks then stopped working again.

I notified cyberpower of this and with no more questions ask they sent me a new unit, I had it in 3 days.


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Hansol are good with after-sales too. My old CRT monitor (Hansol 710P) started emitting a strange high pitched noise when it got heated (after 12-hours or more continuous use), I e-mailed them to explain. Within 3-days there was a courier at my door collecting my monitor and delivering me a lovely new one. :)
Panasonic & Techinics (effectivly the same company) have both sent me out free replacements. One of the seperates on a technics system, namely the cd player was giving off strange noises when the cd spun, the replaced it and took the old one away for free. panasonic just replaced a lost remote for my 5-disc DVD-Player. :D


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The one great support story I have is from Lite-On. (Now I'd like to think I know a thing or two about cdrw's and the like). I ordered a Lite-On 52327s shortly after they came out. By this time they had just rolled out the second hardware but hadn't really mentioned it. As soon as I got the drive installed, I went to update the firmware and it wouldn't update. I did some research at cdfreaks and learned about the 2 h/w revisions. So I phoned up Lite-on tech support. First, I was amazed that I was talking to an person that could speak english. Second, I started to explain the problem and the tech said he didn't know anything of the 2nd hardware division and that he would look into it. 20 min later, his manager called me, I emailed him my backed up firmware and about an hour later, he had sent me back "early release" version of the newest firmware for my drive, and even said I could post it on cdfreaks. About a month later, Lite-On's site started carrying the updated firmware.

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