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LeadTek A400GT. beefy heatsink fan, no?


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Yep, the heatsink is pretty damn big, nearly the size of zalman's CPU cooler/heatsink, but it's very quiet. Overclock's really well too- good choice! :)
pok_pok_911 said:
wooow! how many sticks of RAM can you put in your compter? looks like it has heaps!
6 DIMM slots but 2 stick of RAM by the looks of the pic!

(Bloody hell, 4/5 of the latest threads are about the 6800gt :rolleyes:)
I see that fan is huge. A question. I am about to get 2 Leadtek Geforce 6800GT so I can do the SLI, Will I be able to fit 2 of those into the PCI-Express slots without them hitting each other? If you think I wont be able to then I may have to go with another brand. Thanks
i'm pretty sure that you would be able too, but u might want to ask someone who actually has a SLI board if it seems there would be enough room between the 2 for the huge heatsink on the one side of the one on the top, and the heatsink on the back of the one on the bottom.

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