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LCD/VFD Advice Please


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Hi all as part of what I have cheesly dubbed “project stacker” (which thread I will update as soon as the digital camera becomes available again). I am planning on buying a Matrix orbital 20x4 display unit.
I do however have some questions.
Firstly does anybody have one of these units if so what are their experiences/feelings about the units
Secondly I can’t decided on what unit to buy, should I go for just a bog standard LCD unit or should I pay that bit more and go for a VFD?
Have a look at this site http://www.kustompcs.co.uk/acatalog/Displays.html
If I go for an LCD I was thinking of the Matrix Orbital MX412 Black Keypad, (the advantage of being the programmable keys) or the Matrix Orbital MX432 Black Alu (far better styling than white buttons and plastic surround)
Or if I go for the VFD it would the Matrix Orbital MX532 Black Aluminium Blue VFD
What do you peeps think?
The advantages of the keypad seem nice but on something bought purely as a flashy gimmick the dull plastic surround and cheap looking buttons are a bit of a downer (plus modern keyboards seem to do most things i.e. control winamp)

Any information/ advice would be very much appreciated
Thanks :)

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