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LCD Screens



I'm looking at getting a new LCD screen for gaming and the like...I know that I want to get a 17", but not sure about brands and that sort of stuff...any suggestions? Thanks



I HIGHLY reccommend the Dell ultrasharp series. 2nd to that, and probably a tad cheaper, would be any model from Iiyama. Both very good. Get the dells if you've got the cash, they're amazing. I own 2! :cool:
I use the Samsung Syncmaster 151s and have had no complaints. Only thing I would watch out for is if your doing graphics and you need to have accurate colours or you want to use higher resolutions; for example my monitor only goes up to 1024x768@75Htz.


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Originally posted by Polypeptide
I HIGHLY reccommend the Dell ultrasharp series.
got myself the 1800FP on an impulse buy (was on sale). extremely happy with it.

when you pick one out, go for a low response time. especially if you do a good amount of first-person gaming. but the hard thing about that is you can't trust the manufacturer's reported response times. so, look for reviews.

also, 17"-ers come in 1024x768 and 1280x1024. think about which resolution you want to get real familiar with since your desktop and games will have to be set to this resolution to look their best.

oh, also make sure it accepts dvi input. not sure if your gf2 has it (my gf2 did), but it's an all-digital connection between your video card and monitor. most video cards nowadays have it and offers the best quality.

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