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I am going to be building a new computer. Here's the catch - It is going to have a TV tuner card so I can use it as my TV in my dorm room. I really wanna get an LCD, but would it be a good idea if I am going to be using it to watch TV also?

it should be fine for watching TV on. just set the refresh rate to a decent level and it will be ok.

btw... if you're in UK, and you should be getting your own tv license - then remember that the TV Tuner card is now covered by the tv licensing and therefore you can get fined for not having a license (a mate from uni got a £60 fine for not having a license with his TV card because he didnt know they had put it into the law - at one point they were the loophole to needing a license :()
Originally posted by jonifen
a mate from uni got a £60 fine for not having a license with his TV card because he didnt know they had put it into the law - at one point they were the loophole to needing a license
Do you have to let the inspectors in in the UK? We don't. Just make sure the TV is off when you open the door and then deny that you have one. There are quite a few who do that here. Not me though. ;)


Unless they still have that bloody van that drives around pointing that dish thing around. My neighbor got caught without a license when I lived there. Course he had a real TV and was rather arrogant to the inspectors. The police actually got involved in that one.

T.V. inspectors??? Licensing????? What the hell???

Please tell me more about this. Do you actually need some kind of permit to watch t.v.?????????
(This is about Sweden btw)

If you own a TV you must pay a TV licence fee since you get to watch the three standard channels (SVT1 SVT2 and TV4 (commercial channel, not sure this one counts)). This is an old system but noone has been able to get rid of it yet. If you remove the TV tuner part of the TV, you don't have to pay since you can't watch regular TV. But noone does this afaik. Either you pay because you're honest or you don't because it's easy to get away with it.

The Radio Service (as they are called) have inspectors who go around checking if people have TV:s. But if they do come, you can just play dumb and deny that you have a TV (unless it's on). This is because they have no authority to:
- Enter you apartment without permission.
- Cross check databases to see if you have even bought or rented a TV.
- Force you to pay without proof.

So if they say "I see here in my papers that you have a TV" you can just say "No you don't, unless you're breaking the law".

And that's the toothless bureaucracy of Swedish television. Hopefully we'll get rid of it before long. :)


Keeping in mind I'm american and only lived in the UK for a few years (a few years ago)....

It's basically the same thing as Sweden where you're paying for a license to receive broadcasting. Many years ago (20+?)it was only BBC television (telly, as they're fond of saying), and it was considered a public service. There used to be no advertising, so the BBC needed something to pay for the programming. Think of it as mandatory donations to PBS, except the quality was much much better (subjective), and that it was the only thing on. :p

Nowadays, there's commercial broadcasting, I believe ITV and Channel 5 are commercial so it's less of an issue, but BBC (three stations I think) are still commercial free. Those are the only regular "over the air" stations I remember.

With cable and satelite (Is Sky the only option still?) it's even less of an issue, so the "TV Tax" is more resented, it seems.

Additionally, while I lived there, there was an issue of how the money was being spent. I can't remember the specifics, but it seemed there was a problem with how much of the budget was being "wasted" on enforcement.

Going from memory here and an American's viewpoint, so any Brits, feel free to correct me. :p



I would go with the LCD if I were you (jpoid1982), CRT's produce too much radiation anyway.

Oh and, to add, here in the U.K., licenses are also paid upon what sort of TV you got, if you got a black & and white one, you pay less for the license!

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