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I'm looking for suggestions on a 18" LCD monitor. I don't know much about them, I'm a CRT guy, but a family member wants one and I need some info.



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i've had this for about 2 months, too.

Dell UltraSharp 1800FP 18-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitor

it's awesome. i was a crt guy, but i had a chance to get this baby for under $400 and jumped on it. i don't know if i can go back. :( i game with it and everything, so ghosting isn't a problem. contrast is excellent. picture is better than my 19" Viewsonic A95f (flat crt), especially when it comes to websites and text.

that viewsonic up there is likely a good choice, too. :)


The joke is that your DELL LCD may actually be a Viewsonic LCD since DELL doesn't actually make hardware they just put thier TM on it.
Now for some HARD facts! An LCD monitor with a ANALOG cord is not as good as an LCD monitor with a DVI cable. Analog will never be as responsive or precise as Digital (Video Interface). You should look at responce times the lower the better. The DPI is still an importand factor. And finaly the Resolution and Refresh rate. An awesome 19" monitor would be .25 or lower DPI, 1600x1200 at 75+ Hertz with a 25 or less responce time. If it is 60hertz then it's Interlaced or TV quality and no where near PC/Mac Standards. If your gamming you want to play at 72 and above; I reccomend at 85 hertz. If you want your monitor to last never use them at their max refresh, just like speakers you don't play them at their max volume or they don't last long same with monitors so if i says it can run at 120 but reccomends 100 then play it at a hundred, anytime you push your hardware to it's limits it will wear out much faster.


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Originally posted by Indomidable
The joke is that your DELL LCD may actually be a Viewsonic LCD since DELL doesn't actually make hardware they just put thier TM on it.
yeah, i still haven't found out who the true manufacturer is. it could very well be viewsonic.

i use the dvi connection while a friend has the same monitor and uses the analog. i was actually very impressed with his picture and would be hard-pressed to find differences if ours were put side-to-side.

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