lazer led on plexyglass


21 Jun 2002
lazer LED's???

i know that if u pass the light through a peace of plexy glass it will liht up anything that is eached but wull a lazer led do the same to flood the inside of the plexy glass or not???

or does anyone have any sugestions on how to do this, i was just thinking a 4 inch ccfl but i would like to use some sort of LED
I belive plexy glass is just another brand name for polymethyl methacrylate which is the correct name, (try and avoid brand names there are not the same everywhere) if it is in theory it should work cause there is a simular setup on the doors of some of the coolermaster cases. As for the "4 inch ccfl" eh ??? I can only assume you mean some type of cold cathode. this would not have the same effect for what you want you need to point some high intensity LEDS through the PMMA but using the edges or sides.

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