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A friend of mine worked for a theater, and was caught camcording the movie. They still have his camera,and he was wondering if they were allowed to keep it or just the tape?



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Google is your friend :)

I would think only the tape but then again, I'm sure there are more things for him to worry about then a camera ... jail, a steep fine ???


well it was for his personal use so they said "we are going to hand over the camera to the fbi" and they decided not to bother him because it was for personal use but he has not got the camera back


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uhm personal use, now you are allowed to make a backup copy of the movie :S cant they make clear rules. i guess they can only hold the tape, but also not sure

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they can give you an ultimatium...if you want the camera, they will threaten to poresecute...then the camera would be evidence, and you wouldn't get it back till after the case was resolved regardless


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mooo said:
so he can either take the camera and get law, or leave cam and nothing?
Depends how tough the theatre wants to be. I take it he was sacked as you used the past tense "worked" so they must be pretty p*$$ed off.


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Now that they've 'kept' his camera what actual proof do they have that it was your friend that took the recording? They dont. If they wanted to prosecute they should have done it immediately, reporting him to the police then and there. Because they didnt they dont have a leg to stand on.

They camera may be your friends but they would never be able to prove it was they who made the recording.

Tell him to get his camera back immediately, otherwise 'do' them for theft. They dont have any right what so ever to confiscate someone else's property.

Put it this way, if your friend demands his camera back and the cinema call in the police the first question they'll be asked is why the incident wasn't reported at the time. Do they have an answer to that??? I doubt it.

I'd put money on who ever caught your friend has kept the camera for himself and destroyed the copy of the film (if it was found in his posession he'd get done!).


well the police were called and they just took his name and were going to investigate with the cyber crimes division. He called the theater and the manager who caught him said "no one has came and picked up your camera" or something like that, but when he got busted the same guy said to this sort "they will get it within 2weeks and investigate and then you can get it back, we will give you a call" and still nothing. i am debating on called for friend and telling him i would like to purchase it from my friend and how long till he can get it back
fook em, make a duff recipt out and say it was already sold to you, 3rd party, can quite leagally get it back as you had no idea he was using it for ripping movies. he don't have his job, so what he got to lose ;)


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Jewelzz said:
Google is your friend :)

I would think only the tape but then again, I'm sure there are more things for him to worry about then a camera ... jail, a steep fine ???

and Bubba!


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There are warnings in front of films in the UK which say if you are caught videoing the film then the police can confiscate the camcorder and tape. and your liable for prosecution and fines.

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