Latest Omega Drivers (Cat 4.2)


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What's New? (2k/XP 2.5.22 & 9x/ME 2.5.37)
* Based on the Official Catalyst 4.2 drivers. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
* Removed 3DProfiler from the package. (2k/XP)
* Surprise: Included an exclusive Omega version of RadLinker. (2k/XP/9x/ME) Many thanks to ChrisW!
* For stability's sake, forced Fastwrites OFF for ALL cards and forced it ON for all 9600 cards. (2k/XP)
* Removed the 9700->9800 soft mod option again. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
* Did one LAST Omega Driver set for Win9x/ME "AGAIN" since I did some mistakes in the previous "last" release. (9x/ME)
* Hope to have fixed the installation problems in Win9x/ME "AGAIN". (9x/ME)
* Added the Multires utility to the Win9x/ME package. (9x/ME)
* Separated the D3D/OGL CP tabs now that RadLinker takes care of the profiles. (9x/ME)
* Added support for 9800SE cards that have been bios-modded to 9800XT. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
* Added support for the following FireGL cards: (2k/XP)
RADEON FireGL X1-128
RADEON FireGL X1-256
RADEON FireGL X2-256
RADEON FireGL Z1-128p
RADEON Mobility Fire GL 9000
RADEON Mobility Fire GL T2

Yup - running them now - no problem, Rad linker is very cool for creating custom profiles for certain games, like Crazy Taxi 3 which doesn't work well with AA.

One thing to note about these is that FASTWRITES ARE OFF by default. They claim that you will not see a performance drop, or if you do it will be very small - but at the moment I'm not 100% convinced.

Still, I'm running them anyway and going to give them a try - looking forward to someone doing a few comparisons between the driver versions.


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I've just installed this driver as well. What's the differance? Your right about fastwrites being off. What are fastwrites anyway? and will it make much of a differance if I turn them back on?
the drivers are OK to install over, but the ATI Control Panel should be uninstalled with every upgrade. If you dont see ATI Control Panel is "add/remove programs" than you do need to uninstall the drivers.
Omega says don't bother uninstalling any of his previous drivers prior to installing a new version. The only time he says you need to uninstall anything is if you're running regular ATI drivers, in which case he says remove the control panel only.
I find it strange that ATi says one thing and Omega says another, especially concidering that one is just essentially a tweaked version of the other.


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TheBlueRaja said:
I find it strange that ATi says one thing and Omega says another, especially concidering that one is just essentially a tweaked version of the other.
well actually they are saying the same thing ... ATi says to delete the control panel 1st while I don't see Omega mentioning it is all :) In both cases you are installing new drivers over the old though.
The reason you can install new drivers over old drivers is because you REBOOT! This is the why it doesn't matter if you uninstall first, or overwrite the old with the new. The only thing that MUST be done, is to uninstall the ATI control panel.

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