Latest Mobile Phones for £20, is this real?


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5 Jan 2004
I was looking around the web for a new phone and came across the following site:

I don't know whether it is real. If it is it looks like i'd be waiting a while to recieve the phone.

It also came up as a sponsored link in google. Don't know if google checks these sites for authenticity before they allow them?

Anyone tried this before?
Pyramid schemes are just a con, somewhere down the line a lot of people are going to get screwed. I'd stay clear of it.
looks really fake cuz they have phones that didnt even come out yet like the 7610. bull ****!
I think I might start a pyramid scheme, its always the person who starts it that comes out on top, well as long as they dont get arrested or anything like that
Yeah, you have to think of some bull**** name too, can't call it a pyramid scheme :p
so you never thought of reading into the how it works then..

How does it work?

When you buy one of our mobile phone CD-ROMs for £20, you are entered into a waiting list to recieve a free mobile phone of your choice. When the required number of new members join that list, the person currently at the top of the list will receive their chosen handset. Over 200 phones have been delivered in the last four months.

In the example below, eight new members are required to subsidise each free Nokia 3510i. Mark Traynor would be next to receive his phone, after eight people buy a CD-ROM. Robert Johnstone is next in the list and he would receive his new mobile afer another eight people have bought the CD-ROM, and so on.

you have to hope theres another 7 people as stupid as you to get any hope of getting a phone.

just another scam.
you do realise you can walk into safeway/tesco/sainsbury's etc and get a new pay as you go mobile for £30 inc sim card and a fiver credit :)
GoNz0 said:
you do realise you can walk into safeway/tesco/sainsbury's etc and get a new pay as you go mobile for £30 inc sim card and a fiver credit :)
Bought mine from Argos for £29.99 inc sim card and £10 credit :D
I already had a Nokia 3410 and was looking at getting a new one. Since this post was started i invested in a Sony Ericsson T630 for £200 sim free which i can use with my pocket pc via bluetooth for accessing the internet almost anywhere. I am very pleased with it.

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