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Latest additions to my home cinema setup...

And some black bookshelf speakers on stands round the back :)

Got these from avforums.com for under £100 + postage, research indicates these were well over £800 when the guy bought them brand-new several years back. Looking around speaker tech hasn't changed much since.

Coupled with the Asus Xonar and my Yamaha AV amp these sound awesome, they really let you know when you're listening to 128kb MP3 instead of FLAC though.... :p

Edit: oh the centre speaker is hiding behind the monitor cos it's a cheap daweoo thing :p



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Nice! Uhmm why do you have the carpet spikes on (nevermind last picture was over exposed)

Shouldn't they be on either side of your tv?


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ohh, true.. and ac3filter doesn't work with foobar either

well, u can use MPC:HC if u have it :]
ohh, true.. and ac3filter doesn't work with foobar either

well, u can use MPC:HC if u have it :]
Just tried it. I get a hiss :)

I do have a dts plugin for foobar, but its a bit scratchy in places. Had to dig it up to play all 410MB of Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene (New Master Recording 2007).wav.dts :D
Yes but not via analogue output. Using optical would be a waste of a £125 soundcard with superior audio processing than that of the amplifier :)
I have a 192/24 soundcard and a quad-core CPU that can decode DTS TrueHD for breakfast, why would I use the amp which has inferior DAC's and inferior SNR?

My amp is atleast 3rd user and several years old. To get the same performance as my soundcard I'd have to go out and spend a four figure sum on a new current-tech AV amplifier.

The amp is there to make sound louder, drive those speakers and allow my xbox 360 to make noises besides the dvd drive and cooling fan :)

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