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Las Vegas ideas

hey u guys im going to las vegas the week of thanksgiving and i need some ideas on things to do. i just called and found out those 2 weird guys aren't doing the tiger act anymore (cuz they retired) and i went on ticketmasters.com and couldn't find any interesting concerts/performances soooo could any1 recommend anything????


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Ride teh rides on top of the buildings.
Laugh at people blowing money on gambling.
Go visit a house of ill repute.


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j79zlr said:
Bring approx. $100 for every hour you will be there, that is my vegas rule.

Only if you plan on gambling. :D

Oh yeah, don't follow people into dark alleys. A friend went there for his 21'st and some guys bought him what they thought was a BJ, the "hooker" took him into a dark alley and pulled a pistol and robbed him. He only had bout forty bucks though.....

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