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Large Monitor Problems


Hope someone out thier can help with a problem im getting, ive been given a cornerstone 21" monitor of a freind, but i have a few problems with it.

1) Is 1024 x 768 the right res for this ? as i mainly use my pc for games.

2) Screen refresh rate, when windows loads it states 60Khx/75Kz is that right ? im using a Geforce 4 MX GF.

3) Screen looks ok but when im on a white page ie, IE or Outlook express their seems to be a faint pink shadow on some of the words? is that something to do with the res i have it set on or refresh rate? or is it dud ?

4)Also if i need to change any settings can u explain to me how :)

Sorry thier soo many questions, i would be very grateful if anyone could give me some insight into this.

Many Thx in advance


If at 1024x768 its at 75hz refresh rate for a 21" then its a dud.

For so big a screen u'll want 1280x1024 MINIMUM. but 1600x1200 is the comfortable res for such a big screen.

I wouldn't recommend getting that screen. No use having a massive screen when your eyes are going to hurt from the low refresh rate. 1024 on a 21" screen will make icons look MASSIVE


Thx for the reply i prefer the res of 1024 x 768, can u suggest the right refresh rate i should be using then ? its actually a 20 Inch Viewable screen size.

Options - 75, 85, 100 or 120 ?

Ive tried a higher screen size but the icons just look too small, as im used to 800x600

What screen is it (make/model)? If it's an old screen you might not be able to run so high resolutions and refresh rates.

oO ShifterZ Oo

make sure you download ndiva refresh rates to boost ur rates and download a tweak manager to tweak ur care to boost perfomrmance


hardware monkey
info on cornerstone 21/75:

or see attachment for resolution/refresh table

pretty odd... it'll only support 75hz at 1024x768.. same refresh rate at 1600x1200. but if that's what it says, then go with it. 75hz is an okay refresh rate. so..

1) yes, it's okay.
2) yes it's okay.
3) no, something's wrong... try degaussing the monitor (under it's osd menu somewhere).. if it's chronic, then try to ignore it or go back to your old monitor.

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