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What do people recommend? I've got a family member bugging me about the best deals and brands and personally, I don't know that much about them.
I told him to probably stick to Toshiba ($699-$899 range) locally. He's mentioned Acer laptops which I haven't seen to many people with. Any friends that have laptops either have Dell or Toshiba. These users won't be power users. Just some surfing, email, office types.


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I have had 3 of my friends in the past 2 weeks come to me with their Dell laptop to fix it. And mainly the problem comes from the HUGE F***ING amount of crap programs they install on them now.

2 of the three I had to reformatt, since it was that bad. It was more simple that way.

Any other company but Dell (I LOVE DELL, just not their laptops)


Dell is definitely an option but these users will probably buy locally. Which means choices between: Acer, Toshiba, HP/Compaq.


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Dell is the best in the game right now, hands down. Although most models lack "style" (something it appears they are turning around) they do offer great performance at a decent cost. (My opinion is) Stay away from AMD processors. Dell still caters to Intel and their best products ship with Intel processors.

And yes, as LordOfLA suggested, a clean install is a must. As with any OEM.


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If there is shop that services and sells computers I would check with them. I know Data Doctors sells laptops and should they have a problem they can a upgrade in when the techs service it because it was bought through them


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I like Toshiba, we use them at work, an done was dropped out of a machine onto the floor and only the screen broke. It was about a 8' fall.

The only thing I dislike is all the crap they come loaded with.

You might wanna check out my sale thread, for a new Toshiba laptop. My boss thinks it is too big to work on in the air.

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