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The Radeon graphics card is an issue, I have the same card in a Dell 9300. I run SUSE but I know that other distros have been having problem with radeon drivers for Linux. With all that being said I can set a pretty good resolution just not a high one that I get under Windows. No 3d graphics either, but than I just boot to Windows.


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picking up on what falcon said - you really could do with getting back to us if you intend to dual boot or not take the hassle of Windoze whatsoever.

And what if any GFX you expect. In my experience any laptop issues can be ovrcome - you just need to take time on driver hunting.

[EDIT] also post back if you are planning to go to use the 64 bit, or just run it in 32 bit mode I guess... [/EDIT]


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Your best bet would be to find a laptop with integrated Nvidia graphics card so you can use the nvidia drivers to get 3D accelleration. The rest should work okay, as long as the other items are not all to rare.

The modem might not work, as it is probably a WinModem, also known as a SoftModem.

I would also suggest running the entire laptop in 32 bit mode until there are more drivers available that work under 64 bit, there are still quite a bit of drivers that do not work under 64 bit because of the compatibility problems, and also some drivers might require a rewrite to support the newer bigger size available for processing.

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