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laptop volume.

So my laptop volume sucks. When i turn the sound all the way up in windows and in WMP the headphones are still too low. Tried 2 diff sets of headphones same thing. Is there a program that will boost up the sound louder then windows will allow it?


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Unfortunately I don't think there's anything you can do without seriously compromising the quality of sound. Unless of course there is something wrong - most laptops I have used are fine with headphones. Has it always been quiet?
are you pushing up just the master volume, or have you been to volume properties and upped the WAV output? you can also change the speaker type in windows to Headphones, from laptop speakers/5.1/2.1/built-in monitor/etc.

if you cant find anything to change in Volume Control (from the control panel) try going to Options (in Volume Control) and selecting Properties. you can add things you want to see in your Volume Control, and... control them.

good luck

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