Laptop speaker might be blown?


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The left speaker of my laptop is sounding strange. I don't know how to describe the sound it makes though. The music and sounds play, but along with it is also a sort of buzzing sound, kinda I said, hard to describe. I could record it if needed. Anyways, my question is, would the speaker actually be blown? Or is it possible that something might've gotten "half disconnected" inside that particular speaker?

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From my experience, the best way to troubleshoot laptop speakers is to plug some headphones or external speakers into the laptop and see how they sound. If it's flawless, that will rule out any type of software issues (not likely in this scenario, but always a possibility).

If you can narrow it down to hardware, you may want to check into the warranty of the unit. I don't believe speakers on laptops are considered FRU's (Field Replaceable Units), so you probably won't be able to find the parts online to fix/repair yourself.


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Yeah, I tested with headphones and they work flawlessly. Also, the laptop isn't in warranty anymore. I check on eBay, and luckily, the part is available. I don't mind opening up the laptop, but I'd rather have that as an absolute last resort.


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Sounds like you got luck wrt the part, that's good. I haven't heard too many speakers actually blown, but from what you are describing that is what it sounds like to me.

I would also present the option where the volume could be up too high for what you are trying to listen to, but that would probably also make your Right Speaker sound the same unless your balances are loaded to the left.

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