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laptop problem


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My laptop has been having an annoying issue where it will freeze for a few seconds then the screen blinks black then it wont let me do anything other than move the mouse pointer around, not even ctrl alt delete will do anything. Anyone ever have this issue or have any idea how to fix it?


OSNN Addict
If it's not a driver issue, it could be a corrupt windows or software installation file. If your laptop used to work properly without crashing, you might want to try using system restore to a point in time when everything was working alright. Good luck.


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Well it finally showed the blue screen of death. It seems the issue is the nv4_disp file 0x000000EA (0x8588EB30, 0x865EAF60, 0xF7A63CBC, 0x00000001). Now I just need to figure out how to fix it. I'm thinking just a different set of drivers will help. There are a few home made fixes on the net for the issue I'll have to try if new drivers doesn't work.


OSNN Addict
At least you're getting closer to the source. That seems to be more of a problem with some motherboards than others. Try the latest non-beta nvidia drivers. Good luck!

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