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Laptop Problem


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I have a laptop that has recently been acting up. I turn it on let it load up and everything starts up normal. But recently it has been hanging for no apparent reason.:ermm: If I turn it on and keep it still it works fine, but at the slightest movement it hangs. I originally thought it was the hard drive. But now i'm not so sure. The darn thing won't even turn on anymore.:disappointed: I press the power button and the power light comes on but the computer doesn't boot up. I assume now that it might be a short or loose wire somewhere. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might fix this?

Now before anyone suggests to check for viruses or spyware that's not the case because I check for them regularly.

Thanks again.


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Spyware viruses wont afect it not turning on, seems like you have a real problem, might want to check the hard drive or make sure memory well seated in their dimms. Last but not least Hopefully your CPU fan didnt go out on you, check that and make sure it still spins good.


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1.what is the laptop?
2. Does it post at all? IF it does then pop in a memtest86 and let it run.
3. Is it under warranty still? If it is let them deal with it. (you pay for it)
4. Reseat RAM. try
5 Reseat HD try
6. Give it a shake try
7. Could be a CPU FAN but you need to know how to take that apart. (gona be messy)


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my help was for if it didnt POST, or in other words if it wont start up at all wich means, nothing on the screen when u hit the power button.


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I took it apart and checked everything, made sure all screws were tight and all cables were secure. I figured it was the hard drive. Forgot to mention that it did keep getting disk read errors and random files would be deleted after a scan disk. I ordered a new HD already so it should be here in a few days. I'll keep you posted.

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