laptop pcmcia hell



Note: all was working well for months prior to a win xp update (sp1).
System: Dell Inspiron 8200 WinXP Home SP1 linksys wpc11 v1 nic

Problem: my linksys wireless nic, a wpc11 v1, shows yellow "!" in device mgr with comment that "device would not start....error code 10". Upon boot or insertion, the red power light comes on/hear the beep/light goes out/device mgr shows error code 10. Latest driver from linksys (was already installed prior to meltdown). Device mgr shows TI cardbus controller all ok. I've uninstalled/installed linksys device/driver many times.

I ran across a post elsewhere that suggested this fix: Open regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\PCMCIA\Parameters
under Edit->New->DWARD Value set to
Value Name: DisableIsaToPciRouting
Data Type: REG_DWORD
Value: 1

Oddly, this worked for about 24 hours. I even shutdown and restarted. It seemed fine. Now it's dead in the water again!!!! Registry key is same.

I've read elsewhere that it has something to do with card or system looking for a reset signal and that updated "pcmcia.sys" driver is mandatory (SP1 is installed and IMHO may be part of problem). The version of my pcmcia.sys file is 1106 (located in /windows/system32/drivers on XP Home).

Here's another interesting wrinkle....I thought I'd try copying the original XP pcmcia.sys file over the updated file to test my hunch. Well, Win XP's system file protection requires using the recovery console to do so.....somehow, my Dell install prevents me from accessing the recovery console (requires admin password that does not exist>>>my XP Home does NOT have a password and recovery console is supposed to be accesses by hitting enter key when asked for password). I even tried the Microsoft KB fix by installing the recovery console on my hard drive (then comes as boot option). Still no go! Looks like a clean install on the horizon.

Any ideas folks?

ps does anyone know if Dell sells the mini pci nic card for the inspiron 8200? I'm thinking I might go that route and abandon pcmcia.

home network info:

charter cable / linksys befw11s4 / linksys wap11

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Try going to the dell site & looking for something to do with sp1. From memory they have a patch for it. Then again I could be imagining it all. :eek: I remember reading something about sp1 & manufactured computers.

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