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Laptop on-board antenna

My computer is an AJP (badged Mitac) 8575 2.4GHz Pentium P4 with 512 MB of memory and running XP Pro. It has an on-board 10/100 Ethernet card.

The specification informs me that the computer also has "one Min-PCI slot and one antenna reserved for wireless LAN".

Can anyone tell me what is a "Min-PCI slot" and how I would use it?

Also how would I use the "antenna" with a wireless LAN? Does it supplement a separate PCMCIA/USB/Ethernet wireless card or do I not need such a card.

As usual the hand book only tells me how to unpack the computer, plug it in and turn it on. plus a listing of the spec.
My Dell Inspiron 5100 has dual wireless antennae and support for a Mini-PCI wireless card.
Basically, you open this flap on the underside of the laptop and fit in a Mini-PCI wireless card that you can order (from Dell in my case). You wouldn't need a separate PCMCIA card for wireless access. The internal card and the antennae would be enough.


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i agree with netryder. it sounds like your laptop has a built-in antennae and can accept an internal wireless addon card. you basically buy the card, open up a small hatch probably on the bottom, pop the card in and connect the antennea lead that's already in there, put the cover back on, and you should be good to go.

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