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I disagree on that being what we are going to be using in 2015. Already now are people experimenting with human cyborg, and or personal computing. A professor and student at my school already are working on this concept. They have eye pieces that contain the computers image and alternate input devices that allow input into a computer that is in a backpack with a power belt.

Using Wireless internet they are able to walk around campus and using the frog pad as input, they are able to browse the web, look up information, check email all while talking to you or me at the same time. As computers get smaller and less power hungry (thank you Via) we will see more and more of this. Already there is technology that can read brain wave patterns and based upon them perform actions, at GDC for example there was such a technology displayed for the Xbox 360 that allowed one to lift virtual boxes with ones mind.

Those laptops while looking nice are not practical. When would I ever want something that was entirely made out of glass which has the potential to break easily? There is a reason laptops these days are made out of a sturdy material. Also, for some of the laptops displayed had their keyboard detached from the "screen". Why would I want to carry around 2 pieces to make up a laptop. I want one thing I can easily throw under my arm and carry with me.

Just like the "cars of the future" we have all seen concept drawings of (even back in 1998 they were like "yeah, we will have these in 2008"), they are just that. Concepts. They are extremely cool looking, but I do not believe from what I have seen in the computer industry and embedded systems that we will be going to devices that look and work the way they are displayed in that article.

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