Laptop no good for racing game!


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21 Mar 2002
Hi guys,

I've had a request from a friend of mine, about running Outrun 2006 on his laptop. The request is as follows:

Philip likes driving games. He likes Outrun in the arcade games so one of his birthday presents was a Saitek R220 wheel and Outrun 2006. I figured he could play on my six month old laptop.

Well it would appear that my relatively new laptop does not have the right graphics cards to play the game. What a pain! I saw the graphics requirements of Outrun but being a non-gamer simply assumed that a new laptop would be more than adequate. Such is life.

I run Windows XP on a Dell Latitude 610. Graphics are an integrated Intel 915M/GMS, 910GML Express chipset. I have Direct X 9c and the Saitek R220 wheel. I can test the wheel and it seems to work. My possible screen resolutions are 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768.

Could anyone you might know suggest any other PC driving games that would work on my machine?
Is there an older version of Outrun available that would work on my machine?

Can anyone help me on this? I was thinking about something like SEGA Rally 2 or something, but I've not really played many racing games on the PC, and certainly none without a decent graphics card!
Ah yeah, Test Drive was legendary stuff! I think the laptop in question will be able handle stuff a little more advanced than that though, and would probably struggle with all that DOSbox stuff :dead:
Stupid question but. Has the friend tried setting the game to 800x600 all the textures and graphics to low, turn off shadows and LOD. If the laptop has AA or AF make sure it is turned off also.

It will still look better than an ancient game if that gets the FPS up high enough.

And blah, blah - make sure DX 9.0c is installed, and latest video drivers for laptop chipset, etc.
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I think he may have tried that already, but I'll ask to make certain :)

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