Laptop Mp3 Player ?


I'm trying
I am having a new years party and want to play our mp3s over our home theater system.
I plan to copy the files to my tosh sat 5200 laptop so as to reduce the distance of the audio cable.
The yam ac-xg sound card has an spdif minijack output.
I plan to use a coax input ( it has 3) on my hk avr-510 ( it reads mp3s) to accept the digital signal.
does the mini jack connection need a stereo or mono connection
and are there any settings to be changed on the sound card
as it is a dual (spdif/headphones) jack.
I would prefer to do the above so as to get the digital signal but I could just output to std. left/right composite jacks orrrr
If this cannot work how long a coax can you between you box and your receiver.
I could run this from the box below but they about 50' (15m) apart
Cheers and happy holidays


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if your laptop's spdif-out is in the form of a 1/8" minijack, then i suppose you would need one of these

.. with an normal rca cable after that. you shouldn't need analog cables. try that and see if it'll play. if not, look around in your sound settings for an "enable spdif output" option. maybe update the laptop's sound drivers for good measure.


I'm trying
but I know the type of plug
The one you have shown is a mono plug.
The stereo plug has an extra black band.
The question: which do you need??
I think my drivers should be good as it is new in 2003 and upgrading laptop drivers can be dicey


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well, make up your mind... so you want to use the normal analog stereo output? or digital coaxial (spdif)? not both, just one. digital will provide the best quality.

[edit] wait... do you mean it has optical digital output?

[2nd edit] does the side of yours look like this?


I'm trying
Again thankyou
but i think you are missing my point.
The mini jack comes in two variations.
Which is required for spdif
Mono or stereo


hardware monkey
Originally posted by jdn
Again thankyou
but i think you are missing my point.
The mini jack comes in two variations.
Which is required for spdif
Mono or stereo
spdif is mono. + and -, that's all. it's digital.

it says your headphone (green) also support optical digital out... but i don't see how? it's not an optical port. maybe they mean coaxial. doesn't your users manual explain how to hook up spdif?


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Stupid question..

Does the stereo accept digital input?

That is not the same as analog stereo input. The stereo must be compatible or you must use an analog output from the computer.

As for how long it is...

I have a 30 foot audio coax cabnle running from my stereo to my computer and it sounds fine, no noise at all.

I took 2 -15 foot cables from radio shack and plugged them into each other. These are standard audio coax extension cables.

Line losses are not an issue since it is low level signal. Plug the audio cable into your stereo CD, Aux, whatever input is spare. You can control the volume out of the computyer with the volume control panel. If the computer level is too high it may cause distortion. You may need to cut the volume back at the computer end.


I'm trying
Okay I tried a mono mini jack and no luck
However I did plug it into a standard audio in jack and received that channel which means the headphone part of the jack is working.
I have check the yamaha panel and selected all sources. That seems to be the only option to trigger.
Any ideas and yes my tosh audio panel looks like the one above - no optical out only spdif via the headphone jack

Yes my receiver does accept both coax and optical digital inputs.


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if the digital coax thing didn't work with that adapter, and if the user manual doesn't explain how to get digital output working, then i guess you're forced to use analog.

makes me wonder how they expect anybody to utilize the digital output if it's impossible to figure out.


hardware monkey
i've never actually hooked up digital connections between a computer and receiver, so i'm not sure.

but analog's a piece of cake. i hope you're not having trouble hooking analog up?


I'm trying
No analog works fine.
Doing more looking and I find the nforce2 audio outputs digital at 48 kHz and my receiver recieves at 96kHz. Can the the card be changed as I know creative cards can but I cant find a switch to do this.

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