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ok as you guys may know i have the acer ferrari 4005. and i think theres something wrong with mine, i got the hard drive replaced, the ram, the charger the base. and acer says they have tested it and everything is ok TWICE, and its still pisses me off like it freezes sometimes when just browsing the net, and listening to mp3's on winamp. just did it now and gave me a blue screen. and i feel the performance is not up to par. any ideas? cuz acer america is so damn stupid, before i went on vacation the senior repair guy called me and said he would look at it for me but i had no time, so what do you guys think it is, the ram again? because if so ill just try to get them to send me 1gb of new ram, sell it on ebay and get a better brand of 2gb?



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yeah i know, but i took that with my phone so the text might be too small, ill try to recreate it, lol, ill fire up winamp now! thing is i hate when i send it to them because they format it everytime telling me it might be spyware etc, and i tell them everytime ITS NOT SOFTWARE RELATED YOU IDIOTS!

edit: sometimes im just browsing the web or doing something and i see the hdd led lit like bitch and im not doing anything that requires the hard drive so heavily and it will freeze for a couple of seconds and then resume after, that happens a lot. i ran seatools ever time they replaced my hard drive (3 times because i kept getting errors of meta data in seatools) then they tell me seatools is not meant to be run on laptop drives, so i just gave up and let it be.


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Yeah sounds like Acer are incompetent. What about temperature? Maybe it's overheating.

Or call Acer again and demand that they replace the whole thing. 3 times is a lot :s


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i told them that, the ****ers said that if it comes in 3 times for the same thing, they send a refurbished one, and i told them this is a ****ing 3000 dollar laptop im not settling for a refurbished one i want a brand new one, they said sorry thats all we do we dont have new units, its cutting up in winamp as i type, god damn its really pissing me off.

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Based on the information you have in that screen capture, this is what comes up

(Click to consult the online MSDN article.)
One of the many processes or threads crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated. As a result, the system can no longer function. Specific causes are many, and often best resolved by a careful history of the problem and the circumstances of the error message. One user, who experienced this on return from Standby mode on Win XP SP2, found the cause was that Windows was installed on a slave drive; compare KB 330100.
More info, including what parameters are being thrown up with the STOP would help isolate what's causing this...

BTW, is this the only error you get, or does it throw up some other error's randomly? If it does throw up some other stuff, what's it throwing up? BTW, if it has caught these STOP messages, they might be recorded in Event Viewer in the system log. This might provide some of the additional parameters it's throwing up for all your errors as well...
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3 Guesses in order:

1) HD is going into sleep to conserve power. When something needs it (possibly a background app that is in virtual memory) is when you see all the HD activity.
Things to try - set virtual memory to "0", just for a test. No virtual memory can be a problem for Windows. Kill all background apps (use startup control center to see everything that is loaded. See if you can adjust the battery conservation options.

2) As suggested above, a heat problem.
Things to try - Sounds like a new machine so this should not be an issue but make sure air passages are clear. Also, do not use with it sitting on an insulated surface, like a lap pillow or bedspread. Heat conduction out the bottom is important.

3) As always it could be a conflict between the app's you have loaded and/or windows and/or power management. Reformat would be best and then reload only absolute essentials. Load each new item one at a time watching for a problem reccurence for a while between each load.

Supportive Rant:
It could be a design problem or an actual hardware problem with your unit. They will almost never admit the design issues, or will blame it on "the other guys" HW & SW.

How old is the machine? I'm having major problems with quality of warantee support from ATI also (no refunds, no model changes). Being told you get a rebuilt unit when you paid for a new one is offensive.

I've toyed with the idea of filing a claim with my credit card company. Not sure how this will fly since I bought through a retailer. Next idea after that is filling fraud charges against the retailer and manufacturer for mis-representation. Won't get me anything this decade but will cost them Millions in the long run.

On the success side I just got a notice of a class action settlement against Netgear for misrepresentation. Guy got pissed over router issues, filed against them, it went class action and the settlement is costing them $7 million.


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thanks leejend i dont think its 1,2, or 3 because i reformatted many times, as did they and i think its just MY laptop because my friend has the exact same laptop i told him to buy it, and he has no problems, and lets just say hes not the advanced user so his pc isnt always always defraged etc
Hi there...had the same laptop and almost the same problem as your.Mine was even worst when running WMP and doing some work on Words at the same time..oh, by the way., I even ugraded mine to 2 Gb of memory and problems still persists.In the end I gave up sold it to a non geeky guy and bought a new Dell XPS M170 , spruced it up and been happy with it since Christmas.
Acer is quit okay for a normal pc user but not for hardcore like us.My dad seems to be happy with his old Acer.:laugh:


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i talked to the senior repair guy, but i didnt send it in to him cuz i was busy, but i have his direct line i saved on my phone (thats what he told me it was) so ill call him, and he told me he would format my laptop too and see from there, i was like no dont format it, i formatted it like 9 times, and it doesnt help and im not ganna keep paying for blank dvds to backup my stuff, hes like well i have 300gb at home and i backup my stuff all the time, i told him i dont care


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acer is usually a good company, and this computer is good, just mine is acting up, i just want it fixed thats all, but they keep trying to hint that im the idiot that doesnt know how to use a pc


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ok guys i was thinking, to have acer fix the thing one last time for good, and selling it i want to get around 2400ish CAD on it (btw i updraded the warranty to 3 years 384 CAD value) and get the travelmate 8200 so i was wondering do you guys have any tips on how maybe to get acer to buy it back from me or give me some sort of deal or where best to sell it, i dont know why but i dont feel like selling it on ebay much


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If you bought it locally you could try and work a deal with the store. I have had them exchange stuff that I just didn't like. They charged me a 15%restocking fee but that's a lot better than living with a product you don't like.

I even had one place offer to work a deal with me on the video card from newegg but it was not one they stocked so they couldn't.

Mail order places are useless. That's why I have decided to no longer buy over the net. The disaster with the X800XL AIW turned me off to web buying. Local stores are usually willing to work with you.


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thats the thing i but it at canada computers retail store, but they were so rude to me and told me i had 15 days to return it instead of when i called the head office and found out it was 30, i would have returned it, also i called to see if i could trade it in and pay the difference before on the newer ferrari 4006 and they said no, only 7 days, they really suck, i might try giving the head office another call and get really pissed, thats the only way i found i get some service in canada (sorry but its true)


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LMAO. You need to move to the USA where everybody is so afraid of being sued they actually work with you.

I still can't beleive the one store was willing to work a deal on something I bought mail order. They have been getting all my business since then.


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themafia.69 said:
thats the thing i but it at canada computers retail store, but they were so rude to me and told me i had 15 days to return it instead of when i called the head office and found out it was 30, i would have returned it, also i called to see if i could trade it in and pay the difference before on the newer ferrari 4006 and they said no, only 7 days, they really suck, i might try giving the head office another call and get really pissed, thats the only way i found i get some service in canada (sorry but its true)
Which store did you get it from?


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canada computers, when i told the store manager that i found a scratch right when i took it out of the box, he said that i did it, because they gave it to me in retail packaging, i told him so that doesnt mean squat!when i complained to the head office, they didnt take me seriously the first time, then the second time the guy told me i had 30 days not 15


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Wow he sounds like an ass. To be honest I've never heard of "Canada Computers".

Try to stick to Futureshop or BestBuy next time.

When I bought my iPod a couple years ago I bought a case to go with it. The case turned out to be really ****ty, and in the process of getting the case onto the iPod...I managed to scratch it. A bought a case to avoid scratches, and it does exactly that...heh.

As you can imagine I was pissed, I went back to BestBuy and told them to get me a replacement. And they did hassle.

Although when it comes to warranties even those two are horrible. That's why I try to stay away from warranties as much as possible, unless it's something like a laptop where you can't easily get replacement parts.


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well this seems a bit weird, i had updated my bios when i first got the laptop cuz i like to stay on top of things, but just checked like 20 mins ago, and the bios was the same as when it came with. that was weird, so i updated it again, and now it shows the updated version, but im sure i had updated it before, to that firmware. hmm weird it seems to be doing a bit better, ill let you guys know its its still a sick horse (hehe ferrari get it?)

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