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Hey all

I am at VOC right now and I am trying to get XP to recognize a IBM Travelstar laptop HD but it keeps showing up as Unknown.

I tried getting drivers but comes up as nothing

Is there something I am missing? It is connected by USB. The adapter came with a disk but the disk don't have anything on it to get it to recognize.


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Drive should be good.

I'll try that...the guy just wants his pictures off it. Trying to think of different ways to get the pictures off. His laptop only boots up the background and nothing else. Just stops right at the wallpaper.

Tried everything I could think of and it still does it so I just figured I would just make it a slave on another computer and take the pictures off that way.


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It might be the USB controller on the host machine you are using to connect. You could remove the controller and then re-install and try again?

Have you tried this USB drive on another PC?


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Get an $6 adapter (laptop to IDE) and you can plug it into any IDE port. They should have one at the school.

You are introducing too many variables putting a drive from a bad machine into an unknown external USB device.

If it won't be recognized plugged into IDE then the drive has issues and needs to be handled with recovery software.


Dabba Dooba
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I got it working on a different computer. It wouldn't work on the front USB of the PC so I plugged it in the back USB and it found all the drivers and worked just fine

Got it all going and back into the laptop on friday

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