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Laptop Grey LCD



Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help.

I recently bought an Acer Aspire 1030XC notebook PC, and I came to boot it up, and the screen remains light grey. The hard-disc works, and it boots up fine to my windows desktop (i tested by connecting my PC's monitor to the VGA-output).

It looks like some of the internal cabling has come disconnected, that would seem very strange as laptop pc's are supposed to be durable (and it hasnt left my desktop yet).

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Or shed some light on this matter?

Thanks in advance

My friend had that same problem. If you are correct; then you are saying that you had a color display and then shorty afterwards it became grey and stuff. As far as I know; that can be caused by two problems;

1. Disconnection of internel wiring. This is somehow fixable by yourself; but I am somewhat sure that if you open the laptop; you will void the warranty. And what would be really screwy if; that was not the problem.

2. Sometimes; laptop screens go defective and loose color. Happened to someone I know.

I suggest you return the machine. It's a laptop; if it was a pc rig; I'd tell you to go tinker with it :p


it's a laptop, i did some digging on the net, and it's happened to a few people..I'm returning it 2morro

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