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laptop getting wireless connection but not desktop


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I had satellite internet installed today.We then installed a DLink wireless router and finally got the IP addresses straight with the router and the modem. We could access the internet fine. I set up a wireless connection up on my laptop and it detected the internet connection and is working fine. Now while I was doing this my husband was installing Limeware and downloading music when all of the sudden his connection just dropped. Now it won't work at all but my laptop still can use the connection. So the modem and router must be working so the only thing I can think of is that it has to be the desktop computers settings. We have the firewalls disabled on both computers so I don't get it. Can anyone help???

I did also check the firewall settings and everything is allowable and on the ethernet connection it does say it is connected it just isn't receiving any packets.
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First thing. are you sure it is a router and not just a HUB/Switch. A router is what shares the single IP address assigned from your service provider. Hubs and switches just let multiple computers network together.

Second make sure the router DHCP is set to assign IP addresses dynamically in it's setup menu. If you use fixed addresses they have to be entered manually into the router and for each computer.

Turn off the router and computer. Start the router wait 30 seconds and turn on the computers. This causes addresses to be reassigned.
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I will have to double check it but when I had Dlink on the phone helping me changing the router IP address since it was the same as the modem. I did tell them that I didn't have a static IP and I think on the router config it did say that. But here is what I did last night. I figured it either had to be the router blocking his connection or the way I tried to set up the network or the wireless part. So I went back and change the SSID on the router to match the one that was assigned to the desktop computer that we created and when I did that it also dropped my connection and now I can't connect either so it has to be something with the router. I am going to call Dlink this afternoon when I get home from work because I couldn't bring up the router web based config after I did that so I am lost. As you can tell I know nothing about networking :rolleyes:


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errrr - I'm confused, the SSID is broadcast by the router for the WAP to be accessed, you would only need to specify it for a wifi connection.

Is your desktop a wireless connection in addition to the laptop, or is it wired with a CAT5 lead to a port on the router's?

My guess is that you have set things up with a common IP address between the computers and one is "sitting" on that and stopping the other assigning an IP. However - if they are set to assign automatically this cannot happen.... so we need more information.


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I think you are exactly right Mainframeguy. I was discuss this with someone I work with and I think we came to that same conclusion. Only my laptop is wireless. The desktop is the one that is hard wired. The satellite connection runs from the wall to the router, than then router to the modem than the modem to the desktop. So I think what happened was because I didn't know what I was doing I created a network connection on his and that is where I got the SSID and the web key. So then when I turned on my notebook I guess it was doing its on thing to detect a wireless connection but like me being a big dummy I went to the setup wireless network wizard and proceded to do that well I guess somewhere along the way it created several connections #1. defualt (which that is the one the laptop was using when it was connected) 2. I set up one with the same SSID and key as the desktop 3)There was one set up under my laptops name. In the mean time I got connectivity to the wireless router and I got online and was able to download using my laptop. The laptop and the desktop both were connected to the internet for about 10 mintues the the desktop connection got dropped so I am not sure if the router reset and got another IP address or what.

So I guess I need to need to make sure that my laptop networks settings under TCP/IP needs to be set to obtain the IP automatically and the same for the desktop?
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Your set up should be Wall to Modem to Router to Desktop , when you access the router by using its fixed ip which is supplied in the booklet you will then set up the information for the Sat Modem to connect to ISP using its username and password, then after that I suggest connecting the wireless by setting up your SSID and phasephrase. To start with use only the desktop hardwired to the router and the router connected to the modem. There is a reset button in back of the router reset it and start from scratch.


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I had to reset the IP address on the modem since the modem and the IP had the same preprogrammed IP addresss (I think) so I called Dlink and they helped me reset the router IP to and then it worked fine but somewhere along the way when I tried to network the two together I messed up. I think my desktop and notebook might be trying to use the same IP address.


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Alright I got the desktop pc connection working now my lap I had to change the TCP/IP address to obtain the IP address. Now for my laptop I connected to the network I set up using the WEP and key and that went through. I also changed the IP address there to ok so now it says that I am connected but now my laptop isn't receiving any packets. Should I try changing the IP address to something else? Is it the router that is confusing things?


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Well I finally got them both to work and set the router back to default without using the security for the router and the wireless connection so I guess I will have to start over on trying to secure my wireless connection, Thanks for all of your help!

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