Laptop freezes and unfreezes when tilted...


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25 Apr 2002
Hey guys...

I'm having a very weird issue with my laptop as of two days ago. I notice that sometimes, it just freezes and there is no activity. The CPU (I can hear it processing if it's quiet enough and I put it on High Performance profile), mouse, everything stops working and the screen just stays as it is. When I tilt the laptop at a certain angle (or sometimes place my wrist on the right side of the touchpad), everything comes back to life. I'm pretty sure this isn't a software issue... yesterday I reseated the CPU, RAM, hard drive and WiFi card, but I guess it didn't seem to do the trick. At first I thought maybe there's a faulty power connection, but that doesn't make sense because the computer still has the screen powered on when it 'freezes'

Any other ideas on why this might be happening?

I thought that too, but when I reseated the CPU I cleaned the heatsink and fan and applied new thermal paste as well. I doubt leaning my wrist on the right side of the touchpad remove heat (seeing as how doing that makes it unfreeze) :(
A dry joint? What's a dry joint? xD I've never heard of that kind of piece on a laptop...
Maybe he meant a cold solder joint.
Sometimes they are easy to spot but other times they are not.
i have always heard them referred too as a dry joint
Cold solder joint? Hmm... I'll look into that. Is there a way to spot these or do I need special tools?
depends if you have to tap a certain parts of the laptop to get it to work you could look at those areas, and it norm means re-soldiering every joint, you might be better off taking it to a repair shop, unless you are an electronics whiz and can do it yourself :)
I feared that would be the case... I definitely don't have the expertise to do that. I'm gonna have to look around Montreal for a place that could do such a thing >_<

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