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Laptop DVD+RW noises

My laptop has a Toshiba DVD+RW drive fitted (fixed not modular). I don't have to much experience with notebooks, but this drive, although working correctly, seems to make very peculiar noises when it is operating. for example, after placing in a cd, it clicks (which is normal), then the motor makes this kind of rumbling noise, and it clicks a few more times and finally recognises the cd/dvd. when burning a cd, it makes this constant gurgling noise. in all, it does not sound as normal as a standard desktop's CD/DVD drive would sound like. is this normal, or is this drive about to die?


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whats the drive model number, u might need to update the firmware to resolve this problem, head on over to rpc1.org, if they have no rpc1 firmware (unlocks the region settings on ur drive) then head on over to the toshiba (im assuming ur laptop is also toshiba) or whatever ur laptop brand is head on to their site, and select ur laptop and see if theres any firmware upgrade availible for ur drive, make sure u know what ur doing before u update ur firmware, if u do it wrong or the laptop restarts or turns off during the process u run the risk of having a dead drive

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