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laptop cellphone and internet?

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i was just thinking here is it posible to connect to internet on a laptop using a cellphone somehow? if it is posible what do i do to make it work fine?


unless you have some kind of high-tech cellphone that allows external inputs to make phonecalls, i highly doubt its possible...

ive always asked myself the same question, but all i can think about is the vision of a phone that has an RJ-11 input for external phones to make calls...i dont even think such a phone exists...and seeing as how phone makers strive to make phones thin and small, the addition of a big RJ-11 connector would make it big again

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well, I've been connecting with srint for two years...very slow...7k...you need to buy the software from sprint...I wonder if other cells can do it too?

sprint says they'll ahve 144k in a few months


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My buddy just got a new phone from verizon, they said he could get the internet on it, which he thought to mean that it would be on the little phone screen, pretty much dumb, but the guy went on to explain he could get a USB adapter for the phone and actually use the phone to connect a computer, most usefully a laptop, to the internet, however I do not know of speeds


Actually, it's very possible. In fact, the technology has been out for a couple of years now (Sprint was the first company to offer this). It requires a cell phone with WAP capabilities, a laptop or notebook, and a special connector that will connect from your laptop's PCMCIA to your cell phone (these are available from either your cell provider or from the phone manufactorer).

Simply connect the phone to the net using the WAP browser it should have and then your all set.

The problem with it is that it is very slow right now. 14.4K is the fastest connection you are going to get until the new 3G standard goes into play. Some of the newer phones with WAP 1.2 and greater are going to start using a new protocol called BlueTooth, which is a proprietary version of 802.11b. It will allow you to use your laptop with your cell phone without the use of the connector. You would connect to it via the wireless BlueTooth access.

Also, Sony used to offer a service called Mylo. I don't know if they still do or not. But, it allows wireless access to your notebook via wireless internet.
OK, main questions is what phone have you got. Once you know that then you need to check if it is Data Compatible. Some are some arent. Nokia 3210/3310/3330 arent Nokia 6110/6210/6250/821/8310 etc are. If your phone is data compatible then you need to get a cable to connect it to your PC (Bluetooth also works here as does IrDA).
Then you need the Modem software for the phone, or set it up as Standard 33600 bps modem. If your phone does GPRS or HSCSD then you will need special drivers to use those features. Apart from that you set it up as you would any other modem.

I have a Nokia 6210 on UK Orange network. I can get up to 28.8 kbps using HSCSD, the standard mobile data speed is 9.6kbps.
I am not sure of GPRS speeds


I have even made a connection to the internet through dialup using my cellular fone (nokia 6210) which was connected to my laptop over Infrared! Connection was slow, but it worked. :D

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