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Laptop Battery Question


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It means that if your laptop needs 1w an hour it will last for 85 hours.
it will last waaay more than an hour in your laptop, aprox 4-5 hours at a guess. the lower 65Whr battery will last upto about 2-3 hours i'd guess.

exact figures could be given if i could find somewhere how much power the laptop needs :p


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standard laptop batteries can run for upto 2 hrs on average (depending on how you use the computer). Turn the speaker volume up, turn the LCD backlight up and run multiple apps will drain your battery faster. :)


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[SIZE=+1]Energy Density[/SIZE]
The amount of energy that can be contained in a specific quantity of the fuel source. Typically quoted in watt-hours per pound, wh/lb, or watt-hours per kilogram, wh/kg. For example, flooded lead-acid batteries generally have about 25 wh/kg, the latest advanced lead-acid designs claim about 50 wh/kg, and newer battery technologies such as NiMH and LiON are in the 80-135 wh/kg range.

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