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LAN transfers are slow.



All my LAN computers are configured for 100 Mbs (12.8 MB/ss) but when I transfer files I only get about 1 MB/s.

I checked all the connections and the options and everything looks fine.

Any ideas?



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more details... MORE DETAILS

nobody EVER posts enough details

what kind of cards? what kind of cables?

is it through a hub? a switch? a direct connection?

how far apart are they?
are they all PCI cards?

post details.


1. my router is D LINK DI 704P
2. cables are all CAT5
3. distance: very short (its a home lan)
4. cards: dont remember the exact models but I looked in the configuration for each one and set it to 100 Mb.
5. PCI: yes, except for the laptop which I dont know. but why does it matter?


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Originally posted by SmokingWeed3000
but why does it matter?
this is the resounding attitude around this particular forum that I've never seen anywhere else, it matters, everything matters...

do you know how fast an USB port is? 12mb/sec... not 100mb/sec as you are trying to achieve with your 100mbps network... do you understand why it matters?

do the cables run near anything that emits EMI? that can be anything from a TV to a light? did you make the cables or buy them? there are a lot of things that can cause line interference that will slow or stop your connection. what are your ping times and such?


dude, chill out, Im just asking. And I said that its PCI except for the laptop which I have no idea (its connected with a CAT5 cable but I dont know what port its called in laptops).

There is nothing that I know of that would slow the transfer down. I made the cables that run in the walls but I bought the cables that connect the computer to the connection in the wall.
As for pings, I get 'time<1ms'.


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how many computers are on the network, what OS are they all using? do you have one computer that is used as a server or are they all peers?

I think you need to pull back and show me the whole picture so we can figure out what your problem is.

as far as the laptop goes, is it using a dongle or does it attach right into the laptop? if it's using an rj-45 and is attached right into the laptop, then it's more than likely a 10/100 nic onboard, if it uses a dongle, does it connect to the usb port or to a pcmia card?


its connected straight to the laptop, no USB adapters.

The LAN is 4 computers: 2 XP Pro, 1 XP Home, and 1 98 SE (this one has a USB adapter).

I tried to transfer between the 2 XP Pro ones (one laptop (no adapter) and one desktop) and thats where the transfer was slow.

I dont have any computer running as a server.

Anything else you need to know?


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does that router have a 100 mb led so you can tell it's connected at 100mb?

does the slow transfer happen between other computers, or just those 2?

how are you measuring the speeds?

how old is the laptop, what are it's specs (ie proc speed, ram, ect)?

OHH YEAH.. and you don't happen to have a cross over do you? so you could take the laptop right by the other computer and connect them directly? this way you could determine if it's a problem with the computers or the network.


Everything is on 100 Mb.
The laptop specs are: 1GHz, 512MB ram, some crap video card and sound card.
I havent checked other computers, but these two are the main ones that I transer files on.
I have a program thats called Samurize. It displays active system stats (dl speed, upload speed, free and used ram, clock and many more).
Try setting the back to automatic speed instead. That might help since you won't force speed and half/full duplex. Have you tried some other statistics program?

The setup seems ok, I can't see any bottlenecks yet.

Oh and SmokingWeed3000, isn't that avatar a bit border line?


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so, can you gain access to a cross cable and try to do a direct connection between the 2 pc's?

and why is everyone so uptight about junk like some swear words or an avatar and stuff. it's the internet, there are no rules. Does it really bother you, or are you just trying to be an ass an point out that he is breaking some coveted rule and you aren't so you, henceforth, are a better human?


That avatar didnt break any rule, its not porn or anything.

Anyway, I dont think that I can get a crossover but Ill see if any of my freinds have one. Ill try that setting Zedric.



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you said you made some of your cables earlier in the thread, could you make a cross over with a few feet of spare cabling?

and did they just remove or avatar or did you do it? more then likely this dude "told on you" if they just removed it, people are like that on these forums for some reason, they are offended by everything.


Dont know who told on me if anyone did but Jewelzz removed it and said that it was pornographic which is not true.

Back on topic, I dont have any spare cableing, I got everything from my dad's freind very cheaply but he doesnt have anymore.
Ill ask my freinds if they have one that I can borrow.
blinden: Dude, what's your problem? I didn't tell on anyone. I just though that a girl caressing her tits (and animated too) was abit too close to the porn rule (yes there is such a rule). Apparently some people agreed. Chill out man, we're not here to point at people, we are here to learn stuff and help people. Peace?

SmokingWeed3000: Keep us posted! :)
Try setting the back to automatic speed instead.
This is a good point if you haven't tried it yet. Forcing a connection can sometimes cause problems. If the hub/switch is autodetect, then you really should set the PCs to the same. Be careful, don't set the cards to "Default." Make sure they are set to Auto.

Good Luck.


Alright, I set both computers to Auto Mode and still no change in transfer speeds.

Any ideas?



I had a similar problem with the Realtek NIC's
so I bought all D-Links for a few bucks more and it's gone.
There seemed to be a problem with Realteks talking to diffrent NIC's. I've never had a problem with Netgear's, Intel's, D-link's, and 3Com's cards talking to eachoter but when I throw a Realtek in the mix things get buggy. Yet if I have all Realtek NIC's on a network it runs fine. Dunno if this will help the Realtek's were the 8139A/B models/revisions (maybe even a C in the mix). I think they fixed this problem in revison D or it may have been a driver issue.
I recommend the buy all D-Link cards - It worked for me!


I have an Intel 8255x card in the Laptop and a SMC card in the desktop.

If it comes down to buying new hardware at the end Ill just live with my current transfer speeds.

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