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20 Jan 2003
i have DSL with DSL router (a little NAT box)
i hooked another computer to it and was transfering a file across the network
all of a sudden the one computer lost the transfer.. internet disapeared
the LAN isapeared... i did ping and it replyed the lan card seems to be working fine,.......... i connect the wire and it says the connection is good... the default gateway is and lal the IPs are 192.168.0.X
now that this computer has lost lan and internet it gets an IP of I have no idea where this IP came from. I had this problem with a different computer once.. reinstalling windows worked. But i dont want to do this every time i have the problem... anyone have any solutions to what i can do to try to fix this.. i even added a new NIC and that didnt help any same issue as before
please help
That is a default Windows assigned IP address that it issues when a DHCP server can't be found. I'd say you have a bad NIC in that comptuer, or a bad cable going into the router. The other computer works fine, right?

You might also try reinstalling the drivers for your NIC.
Check the connection of your NIC and the wires 2/from the router.
it isnt my PC i dont have it anyomore but i gotta fix it eventually
knowing thati s the default IP of windows dhcp is helpful
thanks alot
yeah its one of those annoying things that looks like its working but really it aint

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