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Lan Gaming


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Pretty much every summer, we tend to have a small LAN gaming session (around about 5 PC's) setup over at my cousin's house. Th problem is finding the right games; this'll be our 4th year running, and all we've ever played is Ghost Recon, Unreal Tourny, Warcraft/Starcraft and a large dosage of Red Alert 2.

I'm basically wondering if there are any other alternatives, because at this rate we'll be spending another few days locked inside a ghost recon map on hard mode :)


High On Life!
wtf u guys never played counter strike an oldie but a goldie!, btw WORMS 3D weve been playing it already even though there are terrorists roaming around our area, seems to take our minds of sh!t Like that.


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counter strike? I would, but there's like 5 of us; and playing 2v2 is abit odd when taking that into consideration :)

Worms 3D sounds like a nice one, that's going into the list.

Edit: Just thought I sounded odd/ungrateful. Basically, we wouldn't mind CS, just that usually we end up playing against bots, which drives us around the bend abit :)
Age of Mythology (that is, if you have the patience to sit through - the good games last upwards of an hour a piece... :) ) <-- that and cs kept me busy all last summer during LAN parties


Kenya believe it...
Worms 3D is rubbish imo, if you are to play Worms at a LAN it has to be Worms World Party. Battlefield 1942/Desert Combat/Vietnam is always good at a LAN, infact that's all we normally play at the LANs I attend. Other good games are UT2004, C+C Generals, Soldat and Aliens vs Predator 1 or 2.

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