lan gameing help!!!



im trying to setup for a lan game we want to connect throught the serial ports. well cause it is cheap. but i cant get anycomputer to connect wft am i doing wrong all computers have xp on them
im lost can someone please help!!!
thanks alot weazel


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Why in Gods good name would you want to LAN through serial ports?? Thats a no no. Im figuring you want to play games and share files. Well if I was being cheap Ill use usb but oh well. Well first make sure the ports are enabled in the bios. Then go to your network neighborhood properties and check to see that you have Microsoft network logon and file and print sharing enabled. Oh yeah you can search for this stuff on the web its common knowlegdge.:)


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these would have to be like text based games right? i mean serial is SOOOOO slow compared to usb. for those who dont know, serial is when the bits go from one computer (or node) to another in single-file fassion (they all line up).That would drive me crazy with its slowness. i agree with terrahertz and go with the USB i believe you would see a world of a difference. well its time to go watch south park

peace out



not shur if i know what you guys are taking about or not
meaning a stright usb cable from computer to computer didnt think that would work
Cheap?? The serial cable itself is probably more expensive that two cheap nics and a crossover cable. Even if it isn't you will benefit from the speed and the ease of use way worth the extra money.
I agree with Zedric (and everyone else). Don't even bother with a serial network.
Go out and get yourself two cheap network cards and a crossover cable. It'll cost probably $45 AUSTRALIAN, which is like $23 American!
You'll be paying for it if you choose serial with a hell of headaches and a few weeks just to transfer a few megs.

Trust me... it'll deffinitely be worth it.



I recall playing DOOM over a null-modem serial connection years ago !
We used an utility called Fastlynx to copy files (DOS based I'm sure).
The connection speed was almost slower than copying floppy disks from one comp to the other :p
- but that's not what this poor guy asks us about !!!

IF you plan to play games in DOS try test your connections out with a DOS based program like Fastlynx (if it still exists).

Try run XP's "Setup a home or small office network" guide.

Have you tried to install both TCP/IP and IPX/SPX protocols ?
IPX/SPX is old -I know- but old games may need it.
Remember to enable file sharing (like Terrahertz said)

I've never heard of windows supports connecting comps with USB ports ??? Guess you need an application for that... dunno ! :confused:


Most games these days don't support direct serial connections. You can't just connect 2 PC's together with a serial cable and expect to connect through a TCP/IP network. A ethernet network requires drivers and hardware/software that can produce an OSI model structure. In other words it's a lot more complex than a serial connection.

What you can do is:

Set up a real network with 2 network cards and a CROSSOVER cable. Then connect the PC's directly. If you want more than 2 PC's then your will need to get a hub/switch as well and use normal network cables instead of crossover.

If both PC's are running XP, you can connect them with a Firewire cable (must have the right connectors on each end) and set up network emulation through Firewire However, I don't reccomend firewire networks because I'm sure it sucks.

As far as serial connections being slow, that is not always true. As a matter of fact both USB (universal serial bus) and ethernet networks are serial. Old school serial ports are slow, but serial connections are often faster than a similiar parrallel due to the simplicity and effeciency. It all depends on how it's designed. Serial ATA is a perfect example that is designed to replace current ATA standards that are parallel and slower. Oh yeah, fiber optics are serial as well.

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