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KX7-33 BIOS Problems



I am trying to put together a PC my brother got in component form for Xmas.

It's based on an Abit KX7-333 with an Athlon XP 2000+, but the first time I booted the POST stated the speed as 1250 MHz. When I check the BIOS it has the CPU at 1500+, I'm assuming this means it is running it as an Athlon XP 1500 (i.e. 1.25 GHz). Not a problem as such, so I changed the setting to 2000+ and also set the first boot device to CDROM for installation of Windows XP.

This is where the real problem occurs - when I save the settings and exit the BIOS, it reboots but then fails to POST and the monitor goes into standby, as I guess it has not signal. I have to remove power and leave it for a while before it'll boot OK, but then the BIOS settings I made have nt been applied.

Does anyone know how to get ast this problem?



hardware monkey
the xp 2000+ might bee a .13 micron processor, so you might want to do a bios update. and what kind of memory are you using?

your board is having a problem running at a frontside bus (fsb) of 133mhz. something is holding it back, like the memory or your cpu settings. try manually changing your cu settings to 133mhz and a multiplier of 12.5. 12.5x133=1.67ghz=2000+.

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