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kX Project drivers


Boogie Nights...!
Anyone here recommend them?

I have a Live! Player card and wanted some improved (no crackling!) audio...are these the answer?!

....i did do a search but 'KX' was too short for the search engine to accept it. :rolleyes:
I love them! They made something great where Creative failed! I use them on my Audigy 2. Surround sound is fine, no distortion or popping, built in app for testing your speakers, tons of options.

I can't get them to play midis, but I don't really care to play midis anyway (they're usually embedded into somebody's crappy Geocities site along with a bunch of ugly, flashing, animated gifs anyway. Ugh!), so I haven't looked for a solution.


Boogie Nights...!
Don't suppose you've got any tips on getting them to work do you!!?

Silence is all around at the mo.

I've got a Live! Player 5.1 and i want to (my usual setup) is to have all the audio player through digital (SPDIF i presume)

Any ideas?
Make sure nothing is on mute (indicated by the gray bubble intead of a blue one below the volume). I've only used them with analog... I'll go look at their site. Also, i had a friend who had nothing but silence after he installed them too. He said something about the onboard audio being enabled in the bios.

Also, click the speaker icon with the "?" beside it. The speaker setup is in there.


I may actually be insane.
Probably when using creatives official(ly crap) drivers. I couldn't do anything on my old machine without the sound going to sh!t, but the Kx drivers sorted that out.

Anyone find that the kx volume control takes a lot of resources? (May just be me, my pc's rather old :D)


Boogie Nights...!
Yep...what Speedy said. Using the Creative drivers caused a lot of crackling. Games, music, dvds etc. It would come and go...but when it came it was very annoying!

KX stopped this.
you all keep going on about how great the kx drivers are, but there not updated to the latest specs any more.

no advanced EAX support, so there no use for newer games.

i must admit i would be tempted if they got up to speed. :)


I may actually be insane.
Games? psssssh, I just used them for low latency and because creatives pathetic attempt at making a driver royally f-cked my sound up :)


I may actually be insane.
I think the last thing I tried on Creatives crap pile drivers was Halo, Completely un-playable, NO sound made it through in-tact, was crackling to hell, and somehow also affecting the games speed. Installed the Kx's, no problem, game ran fine, sound was perfect.

Same goes with most games, plus winamp etc.

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