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KX Project Drivers Help

ok i just installed the KX Project drivers but no matter wat i do it always sounds abit Tinny or Static Like, i know how to change most of the settings but cant find the Exact Balance i want for My 5.1 System, under the SB Live Drivers all i had to do was click on Movie Mode n it was the Exact Rite Balance, the movie mode on these seems to b abit tinny n static like, Any Suggestions?


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Check your connections...i had kinda of the same problem. The KX drivers are really good. I havent had a problem with them cept i cant play midi :(.
Click "4x DSP" button at the bottom of the "KX Mixer" menu, then double click on "10 band EQ". Another good place to play with the sound is under "Surrounder". There's a movie mode, speaker settings, and crossover frequency.

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