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I was gonna test to see if I can use Kubuntu or Ubuntu on my laptop but it seems that when I try to do the Live session to see if I can access it, it starts loading then when its almost done, it gives an error about the resolution. I am thinking its because the laptop only does 800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x768 (even though in some games, I can go to 640x480). When this error happens, I end up with the command console outside the Desktop Module. My only showup after the normal stuff is:
ubuntu@ubuntu: $
So is it possible that I can set up Kubuntu and/or Ubuntu on my laptop if there is a known way?

If you need specific info of my laptop's specs, go here:

Oh and the memory I have (not that it makes a difference) is it is 2GB, not 1GB.

Okay, on the live CD, do a sudo dpkg-reconfigure x-server-xorg, this one asks you a few questions, but because of the nature of the system it won't work the next time you boot.


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Part 1:
Thanks for the info so I am trying to make it work. I'm gonna do it.

Part 2:
The official error basically says: Error : Temporary failure in name Resolution [fail]

Part 3:
I just finished puting in what you said.
It came up with:
Package `x-server-xorg' is not installed and no info is available.

Kubuntu uses the KDE interface. I was asked today on the Ubuntu Live CD I got in today (testing the 64-bit version) what resolution is available so it can use it if I select it.

Could it be it doesn't like my Video?
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as someone with Ubuntu on all of my machines, including the laptop, I can tell yu it definitely IS possible...

More than that, my screen is even a wide Laptop one - and the install was totally problem free and worked directly - my only issues have been the normal laptop driver ones where I have had to add on the wireless (ndiswrapper) etc. I suspect it will be down to something odd about your VGA chipset. It is just vaguelty possible you also fare worse if you insist on going kubuntu... I only use ubunto being more of a gnome person.

What release or flavour of Ubuntu may you be using? My trouble free install (which was a lot quicker than XP, and had more dirvers out the box working too!) was with the Breezy Badger at the latest release level....


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zapoqx said:
.... I was asked today on the Ubuntu Live CD I got in today (testing the 64-bit version) ...
IF you are going with the 64 bit - then forget it - many drivers are simpy not out there yet. You can only really expect to play with this if you accept 32 bit....


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Ok, well I wanted Kubuntu because after looking at the settings you can change and stuff, I was figuring it would be better to use that instead even though Ubuntu seems more friendlier.

Ok, well if you say it possibly is the vga, let me go with Ubuntu.

You think that you can PM me to help me out with getting it setup to go into the desktop?


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I would PM you if I honestly could - but given time difference and things I gotta do tonight it is highly unlikely (my daughter comes over to stay the weekend and Lord is moving the server and all his stuss in tomorrow!).

What I can do though is highly commend to you this forum/ and the associated IRC channel (#justlinux on freenode) - I would say GL, but you will not need it - so long as you aren't trying the 64 bit you'll be fine - and hey just stay with Gnome from now on, huh? ;)

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