KT266A vs. KT333

Right now I have a KT266A chipset, and I was wondering does PC2100 mean that the ram have 2.1 GB/second to the cpu, where has the KT333 has a 2.7 GB/second to the cpu? And would you notice the difference?


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KT266/A is designed for PC2100 ddr (2.1gb/sec)
KT333 is designed for PC2700 ddr (2.7gb/sec)

KT133/A is designed for PC133 sdram... unrelated

all have a 133mhz fsb but the KT333 has a 166mhz northbridge (memory controller).

basically, the KT333 will increase performance in games and pretty much any app that uses good amounts of memory. but it won't be a giant difference.


i had kt266 and now i have kt333 i havent run any benchmarks so i cant give physical performance gains.....but i dont notice any difference from my msi kt266 to msi kt3 ultra to my now soyo dragon....i just like getting upgrades..lol:).........maybe if i squint really really hard i can see a lil difference:)

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