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Korean Junk Mail!!!



I use Outlook XP, I have had a good look at the filters ect. but can't find one that does it by language...

The problem is I get at least 25 Korean bits of mail (nothing dodgy!!) but I have no Idea what it is about.

I tried babelfishing it, but it made even less sence!!!

Is it possible to create a rule that moves mail of a certain language to a seleceted folder?




SOLUTION: Send 25 replies to every email address that you get Korean Mail from.

:DHope it helps;)



Honestly I havent a clue, it startted out with just a couple now there are about 25 a day.

No porn or nothing just joks and smiling oriental faces!!
Re: ...

Originally posted by dejav00
SOLUTION: Send 25 replies to every email address that you get Korean Mail from.
Bad solution. If it's spam then:
1. The reciever won't care or
2. The reply address doesn't exist and you will get 25 bounced mails back.

If it's a legit mailing list then you'll (maybe) have an angry admin on your ass.


I'll second the Mailwasher suggestion. I have been using it for about a month and the amount of spam I recieve is down by about 80%. It is a great little program
why would you need to install a software to handle the junk mails when Outlook XP rule wizard can handle it... just create a new blank rule with the option of deleting all new mail with a specific word in the sender's address. that should do it...


The nice thing about mailwasher is that when you bounce an email to the sender it gives them a can not be delivered message. Then they think that the addy is no longer valid and stop sending you email. At least most do after a couple of bounced spams.It effectivly bounces the spam before it ever makes it to your computer.


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I too am getting either chinese/japanese or korean emails in my account.
Its bloody annoying.
i cant find the source for it, ive made several rules but they keep coming in

Is there not a rule to block all non-english character emails?



Looks like i'll jus use the rules wizard... not perfect because there are so many different sending addresses, but if I put them in my list, then send them directly to a folder that automatically deletes them every day.... that should be painless enough (i hope) - thanks for your input.... might have a we gamnder at that


evilhomer was on about....:)

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