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- geek -
This is a great linux distro/recovery cd. Thanks to this little gem I was able to transfer all my data [mbr] and all to a new HD from my dieing one. It includes most all troubleshooting/recovery apps you could think of. I ended up using "dd_rescue" to transfer my files from dead HD to my new HD as "dd" would stop because of bad sectors. Anyways I'm so happy with this neat little cd full of such helpfull stuff. I will be keeping a copy of this OS around for a long time. :D
another good little distro is the knoppix-std (Security Tools Distribution), has tons of categories for there tools:

* authentication
* encryption
* forensics
* firewall
* honeypot
* ids
* network utilities
* password tools
* servers
* packet sniffers
* tcp tools
* tunnels
* vulnerability assessment
* wireless tools

Great for network admins to test their own networks :) Knoppix is a great distro i have to admit :D


- geek -
vern said:
Ammm ... your welcome? heh. Who was that directed to? :laugh:
Nobody really .. just telling of my Knoppix experience. :p If directed to anyone I guess it would be a thank-you to the Knoppix team and a heads up for anyone that has/will have problems with something that Knoppix could help fix.

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