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Knight Online

Ded Morozh

I don't DISlike you...
My friend suggested Knight Online, since I've given up trying Lineage 2. It's alright, takes a bit of getting used to. Reminds me quite a bit of Diablo 2, only in 3D and tons of spammers, but you can ignore the constant chatter. It's only in Open Beta at the moment, so still a little rough around the edges. but about as addicting as Diablo2, they just need to make more items availible

Ded Morozh

I don't DISlike you...
Lineage 2

Lineage 2 has been in open beta for a couple weeks now. you just need to download the client and such. go check out their website.

again. i had oodles of issues with Lineage 2 not working


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Mu online is nice too, I like it a lot altough graphics and sound are not comapred to Lineage 2.... BTW it is freee.

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