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Electronic Punk

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I will be creating 6 klips..

1 for all news categories then 1 for each category.
I just want to get the site complete first :)

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
To be honest I don't see a use for a forum klip as they change every single minute... tho I guess if there is enough demand for one it could be added.

I haven't started creating them yet tho, not that it is hard to do them, but we would like to make sure things are stable here before expanding anymore.. we also need a cool little favicon / icon :D


I may actually be insane.
i got a klip running over at my site (diff one to link in sig :p ) personally think its a damned handy app.

Anyone tried the 1.5a Beta version?
The new klip food coding seems like a good idea, allowing for you to add more options, which could mean there wont be a need for multiple klips? the app seems ok too, but it keeps crashing on me, and the settings reset when the app is closed, good ol' beta's :D
Hmmm. I never got Klipfolio working.

Maybe I should try again ... new version, fresh install. Might help :)

EDIT: Just downloaded and installed it ... still won't work! What's the deal with my comp?! :(


I may actually be insane.
I found that v1.5a fixed some problems, but also caused others :)
After a v1.1 install then a v1.5a install then a v1.1 re-install, all is fine (for now :D )


I may actually be insane.
Just had some random thoughts...

As for the forum klip, maybe have some way of only showing you're 'subscribed threads' therefore not getting over crowded, altho i don't know how easy this would be or what the server load would be as a result ....

Also with the new 1.5 klip scripting NTFS could have just one klip (but still retain the 6 for those who choose not to upgrade) and have the user options to select which category to view (This was demo'd in the beta klipfarm klip)

What ya think ?


I may actually be insane.
Originally posted by Electronic Punk
If someone could write those :p
I had a quick look at the new coding ...
It was quick, as i looked then ran away scared :)
I will look into it more when the new Klipfolio is released, as i will use it for my personal use.

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