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KlipFolio & thread merging


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I run klipfolio on teh forum links and just clicked this one which grabbed my interest...

now of course you may notice it is not a valid link!

Why? Well I think it was merged into this thread

Now in this case I guess I found answer, but it will not necessarily be so for other times or other people - so although I can see it is not really a problem technical wise - I wondered if the kipfolio feed could get updated on a merge? I relaise this may also be asking too much - if it has to be done manually it is tricky I guess since many mods can merge, no?

Anyway - thought it worthy of a mention - tell me if I was wrong and what can be done - 'k? :cool:


I may actually be insane.
Electronic Punk said:
Weird, the only thing I can think of is that the threads was merged between you refreshing the link and clicking it.
Exactly it. I would imagine that the RSS feed for the forums simply grabs the latest 10(?) entries from the database, which are, of course, automagically updated when a thread is merged/moved/split/deleted and so forth.

So other than setting the Klip/Feed to refresh every 10-seconds (Please don't, we like our server :p) there's no real way of fixing this problem.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
OK thanks for explanation - cannot help feeling with the right level of software design there SHOULD be a way to resolve this between RSS and forum - there would need to be some kind of buffering delay between threads and updating to RSS feeder, so that merges could "catch up" and also a "validation" bit before RSS links were fed out.... anyways that is not there and I was not asking for it, because I had not realised what was going on.... (I think I am thinking clearly!) .... but I have not gone for 10 second refresh and so far as I am concerned this is a fixed problem (thanks to explanation).

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