KisMac r75


I may actually be insane.
If you don't know what this app is, take a look here:

For some reason it's not yet been added to the site officially, but r75 adds a new feature that many people have been waiting a long time for, passive scanning with an Airport Extreme card.

You'll need to be running 10.4.3, and while you're scanning, you can't be connected to a network as you can in Active mode, but other than that, it's worked fine for me.



I may actually be insane.
Worked quite well for me, the driver takes a few seconds to kick in once you start scanning and supply your password.

Once up and running though, it works just as good as any other passive device I've used.

Though personally, my set-up is to use a USB Prism II device for passive scanning, then use the in-built Airport Extreme to connect (during which time, the Prism II keeps scanning). It's still nice for people who don't want to buy another wireless device for their machine.