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Kingdom of Loathing - Free MMORPG

This game is addictively hilarious, from top to bottom. Every adventure, every quest, every NPC, and every item is written like it came from the mind of a young Douglas Adams.

My player is currently a level 4 Accordion Thief with a mere 993 meat to his/her name. My character also got a back-alley sex change, so it's currently female (but I want to switch back as soon as my character isn't too drunk to quest again). Word of warning: don't get too drunk to quest or you can't quest until the next rollover (at 10PM PST each night).

So many odd touches in the game...like when I went on an adventure to kill a rabbit and the fight log says "The fluffy bunny stares at you with cute little bunny eyes. It's so cute it hurts! Ooh!
You lose 1 hit point."

Look at these items being sold on Ebay LOL
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