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I believe HardOCP has tested the nic, and maybe even a system with it.

Though if I remember right from reading somewhere that LordofLA is correct that its pretty much a waste of money


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that's what i have to say too. waste of money.

They showed benchmarks, and the performance gain was negligible.... ESPECIALLY for a network card well over $100. Plus a lot of the features it has, like prioritizing packets from games over packets from other applications, are available on newer motherboards using the NVidia Network Access Manager. Pretty much the only benefit of having one is saying "I have a dedicated network processor with it's own cache memory"..... which will probably only benefit you if you're trying to make yourself the biggest laughing stock on any tech forum.
HardOCP tested at bigfoots offices which plants their review firmly in the "dubious credibility" section since bigfoot may have optimised the environment and hardware.

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The idea is nice but I am not sure that the price is right , its expensive for what it does, but I have been looking at that card for a while and I will buy one when the price drops off a little.

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Bigfoot has another model now called the Killer K1 which has a 333 Mhz processor instead of the 400 the Killer NIC has. Killer K1 has a slightly cheaper price then Killer NIC.


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yeah .... i think the idea is neato ..but looking at the mobos ... i think using a sound blaster along with 2 8800's leaves little to zero room for anything else in the pci category ... if they had a pci-e version i might be apt to try one for shyts n giggles ... but not the way it stands now ..and definitely not at the 300 price.

looking at newegg reviews ...the first several do seem quite "suspicious" for sure ...and then going on through them they seem to get worse and worse. Odd there is barely any negative feedback on bigfoots own forum.

also... ive been looking at pci-e x1 network cards ... is there a benefit in using this method of networking? like this one here ... over the supplied network adapters on mobos?

im expanding my knowledge with computer components ...mostly because my business dictates i need to know much about anything and everything to do with home theater and the ever growing media center tied in with home theater equaling a total home entertainment and control center.

FYI ... a customer of mine and I did chance some cash on 2 8800gts (from another thread here) one is xfx 8800gts 640mb and one is evga 8800gts 640mb and it does work flawlessly in sli.
killernic its a waste of money period.

Its a linux router on a pci card. you already got one sat infront of your cable/dsl uplink and the tcp stack in linux is inferior to the one in XP, Vista and BSD. CPU offload is redundant these days. Server class cards are dropping it you don't need it.

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