killer card reader!!!


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building first box and needing any info and tips on what else is needed!!! Got a 3700 amd, dfi nf4 lan party, 1gb corsair, 250 gb maxtor, p180 antec case, ocz 2.0 ps.....thats all right now. Going to pop a x800 pro and need a lil info on video capture and a good card reader..thanks for the help!!!
My no-name 8-in-1 card reader I bought from some old guy's kiosk in Korea for eight bucks has been working fine for over a year now. I wouldn't go too crazy on the cost.

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Well on mine its 2 AA actually. They must've fixed it.

I have had them die but that's probably cause I used the ****ty ones they give you. Pop some good batteries in it and you should be good to go.

One think I like is the cables can be disconnected via the back so taking it out is easier then previous models where the cables conect inside the unit.

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